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Wednesday 7 october | Scaling Intelligent Automation

Webinar GBS as a digital transformation engine - On Demand

12:30 - 13:30 (CET) online

To support GBS organizations with their digital transformation challenges EY has created industry best practices, embedded in the Mavim Platform, to unleash the full potential of their journey as a transformation engine. In this webinar you learn 1) How to move from a service center into a valued business partner 2) How to scale your intelligent automation program rapidly together with Mavim and EY 3) How to turn improvement opportunities into transformation opportunities and 4) How to use EY best practices embedded in Mavim as a starting point in your journey as a transformation engine.

Webinar Scaling RPA with the Microsoft PowerPlatform - On Demand

16:30 - 17:15 (CET) online

We've all started to understand the value of RPA as it pertains to desktop, task automation. But how can you turn task automation into large scale business performance improvements? How can you manage the governance as you try to scale individual RPA initiatives to a level that creates impact? Join our colleague Hugo Mosch, as he explains how you can use Mavim and the Microsoft PowerPlatform to achieve your vision of RPA at scale.

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